New Record

Yesterday we set a personal best by servicing 19 moorings.  We started up the West side of Orcas hitting West Beach, slipping behind Freeman Island and around Pt Doughty. We also serviced moorings on North Beach, Terrill beach and around Pt Tompson to Buckhorn Beach.  Interesting note;  It was still a shorter route to head back the way we came than to keep motoring the rest of the way around Orcas.  On the way back Frog’s engine started to slow down even if I gave it more throttle.  We just made it to a mooring as the engine died.  I found the engine kill lever had been slowly vibrating to the off  position  Need to install a spring on that!!

Snapped a quick picture of a pirate on the way back to Bay Head Marina.

A pirate working on his ship.

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